Say Anything

North Star Games

  • Deep down we're all pretty hilarious, and Say Anything let's all your ridiculous, unabashed funnies come through. It's like freedom in a box. In Say Anything, you try to guess the "largest object" your mother "would throw off a tall building," or what your partner thinks is the "hardest part about being a woman." It's the perfect game for learning about new people, and finding out what a dirty mind your grandmother has. It can be as tame as a Victorian gentleman, or as crass as Victorian gentlemen. The game is perfect for kids and adults because it's shaped by the people playing it. Dirty or mild, you'll have a blast. 

  • Publisher: North Star Games
    Designer Dominic Crapuchettes, Satish Pillalamarri
    Year 2008
    Players 3 - 8
    Play Time ~30 minutes
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