Five Tribes

Days of Wonder

  • This game has it all, tonnes of meeples, hot sun, camels and player pawns that look know? In Five Tribes you try to create the baddest-aced desert cult by gathering new followers, and controlling land. You can even obtain the favour of all-powerful genies that aren't voiced by Robin Williams (sad face). Five Tribes is a thinky game, where you do a series of very satisfying checkers-like double-jumps to gather the most meeples of a certain colour on one desert tile. Each meeple you collect gives you a special ability or victory points. The tile you end on also becomes yours, down to the very last scorpion and grain of sand. Don't feel like playing it nice? Well Five Tribes is the perfect game to get right up in your friends' faces and take that move they've been coveting. Oh, how glorious indeed. Play it, love it, start a cult.  

  • Publisher: Days of Wonder
    Designer Bruno Cathala
    Year 2014
    Players 2 - 4
    Play Time ~60 minutes
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