Team Building


Develop long lasting bonds between co-workers and departments that focuses on non-technological implementations, oh yeah, and to have fun too.

How to win:

Remember when coming into work meant overcoming that awkward moment of silence in the elevator with your co-workers? Leave your smart phones charging on your desk as our team building events will have you telling dad jokes to even the delivery person.


Components in the box:

  • Boost team moral by successfully following the bread crumbs of evidence and nab the villain, only realizing Sherlock caught him five turns faster.
  • Support your team by forcing off zombie hordes knocking down your doors, like any regular office day.
  • As a reward for saving Camelot from plunging into darkness, congratulate the new guy by remembering his real name, making lunch with him less awkward.
  • Googling dad jokes will not become instinctive.

 Number of Players: 4-24

 Time: 4-6 hrs

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