Stress Management


Simulate chaos in a controlled environment while testing your ability to stay calm and get the job done!

How to win:

Master your diplomacy and negotiation skills to pick out the spy in the group! 


Components in the box:

  • Keep a straight face as you lie about smuggling illegal goods past the Sheriff AKA Nancy from Accounting.
  • Stay focused, and calm as you attempt to escape from the cursed temple by rolling and resolving a flood of dice, all the while the rest of your team is yelling "I'm trapped!"
  • Remain cucumber cool, knowing that you are the double agent who will sabotage and win the game against the Resistance.  Heather from HR will never look at you the same again.
  • Feed your co-dungeon explorers drinks, gamble away all their booty, and mess with their A game as you attempt to be the last one standing at the Red Dragon Inn

Number of Players: 4-30

Time: 2-6 hrs

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