Risk Management


A safe and controlled environment to assess all options and learn from mistakes with limited consequences.

How to win:

Intimidated by the sheer amount of proper possibilities presented by suggesting which cute, cat campaign you should pitch your client? Calculate risks, push boundaries, and inevitably acclimatize to failure, because no cute, cat campaign will ever sell any product.


Components in the box:

  • Deal with defeat as Sandra, from HR, knocks your bullet ridden body out of the game--she thought you were an outlaw after all.
  • Risk your wager, by betting on Steve's answer, who's cat joke was infinitely better than yours.  
  • Toil in a Deer Hunter-esk moment of fear, as you attempt to reveal only roses, and avoid your opponents skullz .
  • Discover your career isn't over if you fail just once.  

Number of Players: 4-40

Time: 4-6 hrs

Get a quote: events@boardagaingames.com