Private Events

We host events that bring friends and co-workers together through the use of board games. For business and corporate events, our selection of co-operative/semi-cooperative games will help to stimulate your: social growth, leadership, team building, morale, and oh yeah, fun!

Strategic Planning 

Team Building

Creative Development

Opportunity Recognition

Risk Management

Stress Management 

 Our private events cover everything from nerdy jack 'n jill parties to birthdays to fundraisers. Want a mystery inspired dinner party that will keep your guests guessing? Or, would you like to test your skills of deception against your friends?

We'll provide a custom menu of games and game facilitators (or “Gameologists”) who will simplify game rules and moderate play, while also helping refresh and serve stationary hor dourves. Subject to availability, a Smart Served Gameologist can be requested to bartend and serve.

Contact us about your upcoming event and we’ll come up with a gaming theme that works for you. 



We invited Board Again Games to host a board game night at our summer camp for adults and they were incredible.  They came prepared with a great array of games for all types of players and patiently taught everyone how to play.  On top of it all they were just super nice and fun to work with.  Couldn't recommend them more! --Danielle Goldfinger, Two Islands Weekend Sept 2016
"We were thrilled to have Board Again Games join us for our annual Division Day! They came prepared with several hand-picked games that focused on key themes relevant to the work we do, such as teamwork, communication and problem solving. The feedback from our team was overwhelmingly positive and everyone had so much fun that we're now doing monthly board game lunches as a result! I happily recommend Board Again Games to any organization looking to engage their staff in much more enjoyable way."
--Ben Elling, Senior Policy Advisor Aug 2016
"Lots of fun, right amount of time (4hrs), good game variety, enjoyed the good variety of different types of games. Starting with active (physical movement) game, enjoyed collaborative gameplay. Music and atmosphere were great.

What people got out of it: We are work team with a lot of new members…folks expressed that they liked the opportunity to “get to know others more personally” and that it was nice to “just clear our minds from work.” A couple expressed that they were “skeptical going in, but that the event was a lot of fun.” --P&G Data Analysts Team June 2016

"Recently I asked the team at Boardagaingames to help organize some games for my husbands 40th bday party. They did an incredible job of finding games that everyone at the party really enjoyed and play the role of the perfect party hosts. Thanks for making the party a huge success Boardagaingames team." -- Mindi & Stephen Jan 2016

"Boardagain hosted Board Games Night the Fringe Club at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival. The professionalism and enthusiasm they showed allowed for a seamless and super entertaining evening of board games and fun. They engaged both gamers and newbies with their well-curated party-game selection. We look forward to welcoming Boardagain back to the 2016 Fringe Festival!"  -- Toronto Fringe Festival 2015

“We had the most amazing experience with BoardAgain Games at our company event in Toronto! Our Board Again Ambassadors for the evening came prepared with a custom menu full of co-operative games and party games selected specifically for our corporate event. The team did a phenomenal job with inclusivity. In making board game recommendations for each of our guests, they were ready with beginner-friendly introductions for first-time players, and equipped with expansion packs and advanced house-rules for the more experienced table-top gamers on our guest list. We were equally impressed with how prepared and accommodating their team was – going above and beyond to learn game rules in order to encourage our guests to play critical thinking games with our company's flagship product, The Empathy Toy. We urge you to consider BoardAgain Games for your own corporate events in Toronto – you're in good hands!” -- Twenty-One Toys 2015

"It was a pleasure working with Board Again Games at Card Yard 2015. Card Yard is a hub of free, participative programming at the centre of the annual BIG on Bloor street festival, and Board Again did an excellent job this year engaging festival participants and letting them try out a range of board games at their activity station. We look forward to working with the Board Again team again at future festivals!"

--Card Yard at BIG on Bloor Festival  2015



Toronto Fringe Festival, 2015



Twenty-One Toys 3rd Anniversary Event, Toronto 2015


P&G Team Building Event 2016