Opportunity Recognition


Improve pattern and system recognition, integral to problem solving and trouble shooting, oh yeah, and to have fun too.

How to win:

Tired of feeling hostage to your first hit of caffeine before you can coherently construct your first email of the day? These events will develop and hone the brains natural ability to detect and discover patterns.


Components in the box:

  • Identify and communicate instructions to a partner, integral to turning a two dimensional object into a three dimensional design.  
  • Read and detect possible patterns to place your tribe’s members and spread your control, and points, across the desert.      
  • Hone your eye-hand coordination by grabbing the real life object missing from your current card.
  • Trade your caffeine jitters for calm tea nerves.

Number of Players: 4-20

Time: 4-6 hrs

Get a quote: events@boardagaingames.com