Creative Development


Strengthen and stretch imagination and creativity for every day use in the working environment, oh yeah, and to have fun too.

How to win:

Flipping through friends' Facebook walls doesn't illicit the same creative muses as often desired. Set your status to “away”, and join your colleagues in creating some laughter. Worst case scenario, at least your Facebook posts will be more entertaining.


Components in the box:

  • Collaborate and build boundaries by taking part in creating an absolute fiasco of a story that the Cohen brothers might enquire in acquiring.
  • Will you learn to trust, or mistrust, the word of your opponents who are attempting to smuggle stacks of contraband past you?
  • Analyze and deliver the qualifications you know Sandra, from HR, would choose to hire as a monkey tamer.
  • Have the best actual conversations you've had in a long time.  

Number of Players: 4-50

Time: 4-6 hrs

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