About Us

At BoardAgain we really love board games. Board games are not just fun, but are amazing collections of ideas that you can interact with like no other form of entertainment. Board games have the power to bring people together, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability. In other words, they are the bee’s knees. 


Collectively we’ve been playing board games for as long as it took for the moustache to be cool again. We started BoardAgain to share our enthusiasm for gaming, and because we believe board games are for everyone. If you think you don’t like board games, then challenge accepted! We promise we’ll do our damnedest to find the board game that will tickle your fancy. 


So what else do we do? Glad you asked. We host themed (e.g., date night, family days) and inclusive board game events around the Toronto area. If you are well-versed in board games, that’s amazing you’ll fit right in; and if you are new to board games, even better. We’ll teach you the rules and send you on your merry way. 


We offer fairly priced board and card games for sale on our website and at our events. We also provide frequent game overviews, play-throughs and news. 
Reach us at: contact@boardagaingames.com 
Follow us around (in a non-creepy way): @boardagain 


Meet the BoardAgain team: 


David: David has a degree in cardboard manufacturing; he lives and breathes cards and boards, but mostly boards. It was his dream to use his knowledge to benefit humankind, but he lost the use of his pinky finger in a tragic Leopard cuddling experiment. So, he settled for bringing the cardboard dreams of others to the masses. 

Favourite Games: Cosmic Encounters, Netrunner, Barrel of Monkeys, food fights 
Words of Wisdom: "Please cuddle responsibly." 


Matt: Matt learned to speak to board games from an old Ouija Board he discovered when spelunking (he also learned to count to 9). Matt runs a meeple adoption agency (shameless plug). If you are looking to adopt a cute little meeple of your own, then speak to Matt (www.adoptameeple.org) (please note: this is not a real website). 
Favourite Games: Village, Village Port, Village Inn, Village Customer Expansion, Ouija
Favourite Day of the Week: Sunday


Michelle: Michelle was converted to boardgames at the advanced age of 21 3/4. She was a victim of David's skills of nerdy persuasion. Michelle's board game rage is unmatched -- it's like a Leopard that lost its cuddling priviledges, so watch yourself! Despite this, Michelle is super cuddly...
Favourite Games: Hannabi, Suburbia, Euphoria, Consenticle
Favourite Activities: "No comment"


Tianna: Tianna is the strangest of the BoardAgain team. She is well liked, very approachable and doesn’t get upset when someone brings up the Star Wars prequels. Weird right? Despite her peculiarity, Tianna is a woman of simple tastes; she likes her bourbon neat and her board games even neater. But, if you see her in the wild, approach with extreme caution or risk being drawn in by her seductive charm. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Favourite Games: Coup, Lords of Vegas, Splendor, dancing to Motown classics
Favourite Food: Burrito