Card Yard part of Big on Bloor Festival July 23rd 2-6pm

PULP is coming back to BIG on Bloor Festival (July 23-24) with Card-yard at BIG on Bloor! Find more details at

PULP has been involved in BIG on Bloor since 2013. We are given outdoor space in the middle of the festival and a budget to create activity and art hubs. We commission Toronto artists to create small and large scale installations, pavilions or architectural follies, and landscape design that can be implemented during busy festivals (BIG on Bloor saw 100,000 visitors in two days in 2015).

This year we are trying something new with the cardboard tubes. We have a new design for CNC plywood and cardboard tubes that allows you, the visitor, to create furniture and even architecture at the festival. It's like a giant Lego Technic kit, more information to come!

PULP welcomes the following artists, performers, and activities to the festivities:


Hot Air Baloons by Max Yuristy and Venessa Heddle

Mikromaladang (giant sofa) by Jeremy Tsang and Steven Papadopoulos

Caseta Tent by Ksenija Spasic

PULP: Make by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design

PULP: Obstacle by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design


Board games by Board Again (Games) 2pm-6pm
Paint This City by Ksenija Spasic
Torontonian Public Health by Mammalion Diving Reflex
Table Hockey by Party Pucks


Flamenco performance by Larissa

Magic Show by The Great Baldini

Music by Ben Bootsma

Emerging Writers ultimate Poetry Reading coordinated byJess Taylor 

More information please visit our art, activity, and performance pages at