Boards and Brouhahas Sept 12th

Why is it hard to explain puns to Kleptomaniacs?
They are always taking things literally.

Roll out the laughter with us with on September 12th, between 8:00-12:00, for Boards and Brouhahas.
Drink, laugh, and play games, when BoardAgain features it's first comedy/board game night--all $5.00 (price doesn't include the cost of beverages)  
First half of the night will feature the nerdy stylings of:
Borana Makri
Will Noye 
Sean Hebert
Blayne Smith
Darryl Orr  
And then, laugh the rest of the night away with our large selection of games, 

Due to the nature of this event, meaning there will be booze, we will only be accepting names who have confirmed to join us.