Park N' Play Pape and Danforth June 4th

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Along with our other neighbours, we have banded together to create Pape Park & Play, a temporary parklet fronting our houses on the busy east side of Pape Avenue, and this year we’re even bigger and better.
We will be converting a few on-street parking stalls into a public gathering space occupied with a library of all things games, and tables and chairs to invite friendly matches between neighbours, passersby, and first-time visitors to the area. We encourage people to play games ranging from a highly organized match of Settlers of Catan that may last for hours, a more tactile game of giant Jenga, or a cooperation-based game of Hanabi. Participation can also take form as a spectator or simply make a chess move and carry along with your day. Our friends from Board Again Gameswill be on hand to facilitate games for anyone who wants to learn, as well.

As well, we’ll be featuring live music throughout the afternoon starting at 1 p.m. Come out to hear When We Was YoungShannon Roszell and other musicians as they play a front-porch set to complement your board games!

This urban intervention serves three main purposes:
1) to meet the neighbours on the west side of Pape Ave. and passersby to engage and build community; 
2) to allow visitors to explore the Pape Village neighbourhood; and 
3) reimagine the possibilities of creating flexible public gathering spaces for pedestrians on the curbside street lane that has been designated, by the City, as rush-hour traffic use and off-peak on-street parking. 

Pape Park & Play intends to demonstrate this!